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The Sound Your Music Deserves


We understand how much time and effort you’ve poured into writing and perfecting your music. The final ingredient that will take your music to another level is a great mix and a dynamic master—we call it the “big sound.”

At James Z. Productions, our main goal is to give that big sound your music deserves at a reasonable price. We specialize in mixing and mastering, particularly in the rock and metal genres. We don’t use any templates, because no artist’s music deserves a cookie-cutter sound. Instead, we give each artist their own unique sound, their own identity.

Let us give you the sound your music deserves, for your audience awaits.


Our Sound



A heart-pounding metalcore song from Aesthetics’ album, Endless Warfare. It has a similar style to As I Lay Dying. We gave it a really tight, punchy and classic metalcore sound, with dominating, mid-range heavy guitars, and natural-sounding drums. [Mixed/Mastered]

An incredibly epic symphonic metal song from Silent Elegy’s album, Gone with the Wind. The band’s style is very close to Nightwish, but we wanted to help them distinguish themselves, so I gave them a rather modernized symphonic metal mix. Huge and punchy drums, prominent symphony, and epic female vocals. Despite the sheer amount of tracks in the song, we maintained great overall balance among all the elements. [Mixed/Mastered]

One of the heaviest songs we have mixed. This deathcore song is from Dusky Star’s album, The Mechanical Deity. The song features super low-tuned guitars, pig squeals, low growls, and heavy-hitting drums. Inspired by Will Putney’s mixes, we gave the mix really beefy guitars and cold, mechanical-sounding drums. The result is a brutal mix that does the song justice and brings out the soul of the song, which is heavy. [Mixed/Mastered]

A catchy pop rock single we did for a producer from China. Like most pop music, the vocals are the most important part of the song, so we made sure the vocals are warm, airy, and present. As for the instrumentals, we went for punchy warm and natural-sounding drums, and a full-sounding master. [Mixed/Mastered]

A unique alternative/progressive metal song from Hashmarks’ self-titled album. Our master is punchy, warm, full, dynamic, and full of life, which fits the band’s style perfectly. [Mastered]

A heavy-hitter deathcore single by Michigan’s Dead Eyes Always Dreaming. We gave it an incredibly beefy guitar tone and hard-hitting, punchy drums. [Mixed/Mastered] Recorded and produced by Corey Alexander at QUA Productions.

A touching post metal instrumental by The Alexander Project. The song is all about conveying emotions and atmosphere, and we did it justice by going for a very clean and pristine sound that delivers a very pleasant and calm listening experience. We made sure that the drums and guitars are prominent—since they are the primary instruments—but not overbearing. The result is a dynamic, calm and atmospheric piece of music. [Mixed/Mastered]. Recorded and produced by Corey Alexander at QUA Productions.

A groovy, djent-style metal song from Epiphany’s album, Mortal Comedies. Its trendy composition called for a modern djent sound with huge sounding snares, so we gave it heavily saturated guitars and a big drum mix. [Mixed/Mastered]

A groovy modern metalcore song with breakdowns that make you want to headbang with them. It’s from The Will On Kill’s debut EP, Time Capsule. This song calls for the hyper-polished “Sturgis” style mixing with huge-sounding snares. We did want the EP to stand out from all other metalcore albums, so we gave the “Sturgis” style our own spin. [Mixed/Mastered]

A groovy, heavy and melodic metalcore single by The Outliers. This song is a lot like the Messengers album by August Burns Red, so we gave it a rather compressed and punchy mix that pumps musically and brings the dynamics of the song to life. We usually love using Mesa for the guitars, but in this one, the ENGL E530 did phenomenally. [Mixed/Mastered] Recorded and produced by Corey Alexander at QUA Productions.

Another catchy pop rock single we did for the Chinese producer. Unlike the other song, the producer told us he wanted a 90s-style roomy and ringy rock snare, which we readily delivered. [Mixed/Mastered]

A very unique Chinese folk metal song from Virus Base’s album, Fight to Win. The song features a lot of Chinese folk instruments and traditional Chinese singing. There are very few bands of this style, and we essentially designed its sound from scratch. The result is an energetic mix with punchy drums, dynamic bass and Chinese folk instruments that sit well with everything else. [Mixed/Mastered]

A groovy progressive metal single by Till I Conquer. We recorded the guitars, vocals and bass with our RME, paying full attention to the most minute details. The results were impeccably tight DIs with amazing sound quality, thanks to RME’s excellent A/D converter. For the mix, we went for a very natural, raw sound, which gave the mix a lot of space and preserved all the dynamics and transients. The master was done by Mike Kalajian, and we purposely requested him not to squash any transients. So turn up the volume to experience the dynamics! [Mixed]

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Meet James


James Zhan is the founder and audio engineer of the Toronto music studio, James Z. Productions, which specializes in mixing and mastering. Since 2015, James is the mixer of choice for many artists because of his professionalism and high-quality mixing and mastering services. As of 2019, James has worked with over 17 bands and artists from different countries.

James ensures that his clients walk away with a big smile. He is intuitive of what sound suits the artist the best, and for each artist, he will design their sound from scratch with no templates for presets involved. Highly heedful of the most minute details, he always strives to make every single mix flawless. Of course, James also takes into consideration the artist’s suggestions and requests, and keep in close touch with the artist during the mixing process.

Mixing and mastering completely “in the box (i.e. with only plugins), James keeps his studio’s overhead expense to the minimal without any sacrifice to the quality, so that he can make his services more affordable to musicians—as a musician himself, he is well-aware that being one is not easy. He wants to help artists decrease their expense on the production side, so they can allocate more funds for profitable plans, such as making merchandise and powerful music videos.

James’s mixes are apt, crisp, dynamic, punchy, impactful, and most importantly, musical. With a minimalist set up and reasonable prices, James is here to give your music a big sound.

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Complete Discography


R = Recorded, P = Produced, M = Mixed, Ma = Mastered


  • Silent Elegy - Gone with the Wind (M/Ma) [Symphonic Metal]

  • The Outliers - Millennials (M/Ma) [Metalcore]

  • Dead Eyes Always Dreaming - Defilement of A Wretched Earth (M/Ma) [Deathcore]

  • Dead Eyes Always Dreaming - Celestial Genocide (M/MA) [Deathcore]

  • The Will On Kill - Time Capsule (M/Ma) [Metalcore]

  • Dying Tonight - Dying Tonight (M/Ma) [Metalcore]

  • Virus Base - Fight to Win (M/Ma) [Folk Metal]

  • Till I Conquer - Till I Conquer (R/P/M/Ma) [Hard Rock/Metal]

  • Hashmarks - Hashmarks (Ma) [Alternative metal]

  • Aesthetics - Endless Warfare (M/Ma) [Metalcore]

  • Dusky Star - The Mechanical Deity (M/Ma) [Deathcore]

  • Epiphany - Mortal Comedies (M/Ma) [Djent/Progressive Metal]


  • The Alexander Project - “Anti-Seed,” “The Beginning to All Endings” (M/Ma) [Post Metal]

  • Till I Conquer - “Absence of Reason” (R/P/M) [Progressive Metal]

  • The Outliers - “Slave Game” (M/Ma) [Metalcore]

  • Dead Eyes Always Dreaming - “A World Saturated in Blood” "(M/Ma) [Deathcore]

  • Dying Tonight - “To the Beginning,” “Last Embrace,” “空白“ (M/Ma) [Metalcore]

  • From Misty Night - “From Misty Night” (M/Ma) [Symphonic Metal]

  • Sarira - “野佛“ (M/Ma) [Melodic Death Metal]

  • The Tek - “Save Me Now” (M/Ma) [Deathcore]

  • Nower - “Definition of Confusion” (M/Ma) [Hard Rock]

  • “乘风破浪,““一生好兄弟“ (M/Ma) [Chinese Pop Rock]



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